In the beginning…

There was the Squier P-Bass that was given to me by my brother:


A couple years after playing this I bought a second bass, an Ibanez model.  This freed me up to have some fun with the P-Bass…










P-Bass spray-painted green, before it had a complete overhaul of parts








Sometime after this I installed some Seymour Duncan “Basslines” pickups.  I bought them purely on the basis that “If they’re good enough for Steve Harris, they’re good enough for me!”.  At around this time I figured as I was changing the pickups, I might as well repaint it, put in a new neck, bridge, and machineheads.

Here’s some pictures of the finished result;


Here’s the paint job halfway through lacquering, you can kind of see the design is slightly glossy, whereas near the neck join it’s slightly pale/satin.


The next set of pictures are pretty recent, within the past week or so.  I took it out of it’s case, gave it a bit of a polish.



Admittedly I wish I’d taken these pictures shortly after doing the work, as you can see the sticker and pickups look a bit ragged here. 

Still, these pickups are utterly phenomenal.  I would recommend them to anyone looking to hot-rod their P-Bass.  Using the tone control, it gives a really wide vocal range from a strong mid-range tone to monstrous sub-bass.


A couple more pics of the body of the bass;



Finally, here’s the bass in all it’s glory in front of my Rig;




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