The Sad Story of the BYOC Bypass Looper….

This is the first post of a failed project

So about two years or so ago, I realised that running a single line of pedals one after the other wasn’t for me.  I needed to be able to change from one distortion/OD/fuzz to another at the tap of a single footswitch.  Plus I wanted to be able to switch from one effect to two entirely different ones.

After some scouring on the internet I found some plans to make my own two channel bypass looper, and set about sourcing parts, but then I realised BYOC do a kit for exactly what I wanted to achieve here.

I set about building it, and for the most part it went pretty well, no PCB, and I’d done my own finish on it (achieved by spraying it yellow and using black electrical tape):


IMG_0661 IMG_0709 IMG_0708
Mmm, industrial plant chic…

Works in a similar way to the other bypass looper I made, but with more functionality.  The right hand footswitch turns the whole thing on and off, the left hand one selects between loop A or loop B (see My Gear for more info on usage).

Sadly, it wasn’t to be.  My craptacular skills at soldering 3PDT footswitches had let me down drastically, and it just became supremely intermittent at working.  After multiple failed attempts to resolder it and try to get it working, I ended up getting so frustrated I just gave up and bought a premade one from Bright Onion Pedals.

Here’s the one I bought, on it’s own and next to the one I made:

IMG_0711 IMG_0712


One day I might have another go at getting it working again.  Whether I’d use it myself, I don’t know, at the moment I only really need one of these, so if I fix it I might give it to a friend.


It’d be good to have two of these in one box though, that could be fun….


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