Lucille (Strat Renovation) – Part 4: Preparation for refinishing

This time things went much better.

So having failed dismally at putting a woodstain on the guitar, I started thinking about what else I could do to make it work. I considered painting it by hand with brown paint to kind of give a faux woodstain finish, but decided against it, as I felt it would kind of be a lie.

To decide on a colour, I started doing some research, looking at various guitars on multiple websites.  I wanted something different, a colour that is rare to see on guitars. After many hours, I eventually came across a Reverend Bayonet, in Satin Army Green.  I decided that was it.  That was the colour I wanted on the guitar.

So I sanded it down, and we started again:

DSC_0294 (2)DSC_0295 (2)DSC_0297 (2)Then I went over it with Matte black:

DSC_0343 (2) DSC_0341 (2) DSC_0346And finally I did the green topcoat:

DSC_0348Looks great, eh?  Shame about the back of it:

DSC_0352The paint “bloomed”.  Either I was spraying from too far away so the paint dried partially before it hit the guitar, or maybe there was just too much moisture in the air.


Either way, it was alright in the end, as when I sanded it I managed to get a smooth consistent finish just like the front of the body!

Next part: finalising the refinish process of the body!


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